1st regular meeting of 88th USyd SRC

1st regular meeting of 88th USyd SRC

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22:17 – Meeting closed.


22:05 – Your blogger tonight has been Alex Fitton. The meeting is still going. He has to leave.


22:03 – We are now hearing R2: Refugee rights and the Palm Sunday protest


21:56 – Socialist Alternative have condemned the former Labor Government’s cuts to higher education in his motion without notice R1.


21:49 – Back from the break with now only 19/33 Councillors


21:29 – Motion R4 fails


21:15 – The speaking list is now closed. YESSSSSSSSSSS.


21:10 – We have now reached the half an hour mark for the motion…


21:06 – Carrigan moves an amendment calling for a militant campaigns against the restructure.


21:02 – Carrigan told by the Chair “not to tell people how to vote.”


21:01 – Carrigan wants Grassroots to caucus before this vote


21:00 – We are now not having a break


20:52 – We are still discussing (R4)…


20:40 – Christopher Anderson and Chloe Rafferty (Socialist Alternative) speak on a (R4) – Student campaign to stop the restructure at Sydney University


20:27 – Motion to make Liam Carrigan pay the $300 of student funds spent on an ineffectual and political poster campaign fails.


20:25 – Cameron Caccamo has withdrawn his moving rights (Item Q6) the motion has now lapsed.


20:18 – Motion passes that a wait for quorum for a further thirty minutes “may be extended… a further thirty minutes indefinitely.”


20:15 – Omar Hassan, “What if it takes more than thirty minutes to call an electrician?” after Michael Elliott spoke against the ‘Lapsing of Meetings’ be amended.


20:10 – Create an Ad Hoc committee for the purposes of Electoral Reform (Item Q4)

Motion fails.


20:08 – We have reached the two hour mark here in the Quad

We are now seeing a debate on Office Bearer Reform (Item Q2)

Action: Insert new clause 1.3 (d)(ii) No individual may hold more than two office bearer positions. For the purposes of this regulation, if a student holds a joint position, that position will count as one office bearer position.

The motion passes 15 – 13.


19:54 – April Holcombe (Socialist Alternative) now speaking on Welfare.


19:51 – Tree Climbing Training offered by OB Lily Matchett (Grassroots) at an event this year.


19:47 – Michelle Piccone (Sydney Labor Students) delivers the Environment Officers’ Report.


19:45 – Liam Carrigan asks question of Indigenous Officer, Georgia Mantle regarding the Facebook page of NUS Tasmania and their Australia Day 2016 post/s.


19:34 – Dylan Griffiths and Liam Carrigan finally finish their report. They are now taking questions.


19:32 – Monday, 22 February 2016 meeting planned to condemn the restructure of the University which is the first day of Orientation Week.


19:29 – Liam Carrigan admits that Simon Birmingham and Malcolm Turnbull are much slicker salesmen and will push through legislation bit by bit


19:25 – Dylan Griffiths (Solidarity) is following on from Liam Carrigan


19:21 – Liam Carrigan now delivering the report of the Education Officers


19:19 – Cameron Caccamo delivers the report of the Chair of the Standing Legal Committee.


19:15 – President, Chloe Smith (National Labor Students) hands down her written report.

All SRC Vice Presidents are absent. Subeta Vimalarajah offers some detail about a universal blind marking system for the University.

Report of the General Secretary handed down by Lachlan Ward and Georgia Mantle.

Alisha Aitken-Radburn contends with the loss which the SRC Bookshop is currently making.


19:06 – Lachlan Ward (NLS) defends the claims from USU President, Alisha Aitken-Radburn (Student Unity) that he misrepresented himself

19:03 –

Item K1 – Two new Disability Officers elected

Item K2 – Two new Inter Campus Committee members not elected, held over to the next meeting

Item K3 – Isabella Brook elected as a member of the General Executive


18:58 – Dalton Forgarty via Cameron Caccamo:

  • The restructure supports more student consultation
  • Denied that the meeting [Senate Meeting – 14/12/2015] was a secret meeting
  • Defended his position in supporting student welfare


18:52 – The procedural motion fails to suspend the report of the Undergraduate Fellow of the University’s Senate.

Cameron Caccamo is now delivering the report of Dalton Fogarty.


18:47 – Liam Carrigan (Grassroots) is now speaking on the motion, rejecting the claims made by Cameron Caccamo.


18:45 – Michael Elliott (Student Unity) moves motion R.5 Condemnation of Undergraduate Senate Fellow Dalton Fogarty. This will be seconded by Georgia Mantle (Grassroots).

Cameron Caccamo (Independent) is now speaking on the motion.


18:36 – New councillors to replace resigned councillors:

  • Sam Kwon
  • Jenna Schroder
  • Lorena White


18:32 – Motion passes for the resignations of:

  • Monique Newberry
  • Tiffany Alexander
  • Chloe Smith
  • Atia Rahim


18:30 – Welcome to the first regular meeting of the 88th Students Representative Council held in the Professional Board Room, Quadrangle.

We have quorum.

25/33 Councillors in attendance.

The meeting has now been opened.


Motions on notice:

  1. Orientation Committee Reform
  2. Office Bearer Reform
  3. Changes to Electoral Regulations – Stickers
  4. Create an Ad Hoc committee for the purposes of Electoral Reform
  5. Motion to Amend 1.11 of the regulations
  6. Motion to Amend 10.3 of the regulations
  7. SRC condemnation of the inappropriate use of student funds and attempts by members to use SRC as a vehicle for political attacks
  8. NUS reports
  9. Policy update


Motions without notice:

  1. Condemning the Abolition of the Start-Up Scholarship
  2. Refugee rights and the Palm Sunday protest
  3. These Cuts are Killing Us! Get the market out of our healthcare (removed)
  4. Student campaign to stop the restructure at Sydney University

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