Left Action SRC Campaigners Assault Senate Fellow
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Left Action SRC Campaigners Assault Senate Fellow

Left Action SRC Campaigners Assault Senate Fellow

Yesterday, The Socialist Alternative, under the guise of “Left Action for SRC” struck again, this time assaulting Senate Fellow David Mortimer. At the conclusion of a senate meeting on campus, students representing the EAG cornered Mr Mortimer, and begun haranguing him over his position on fee deregulation, talking over him and preventing actual understanding.

Upon realising that these aspiring “representatives” of students weren’t interested in dialogue, Mr Mortimer attempts to leave, trying to get past a student wearing a “left action” campaign shirt and blocking the pathway out. That student the pushes Mr Mortimer into the wall and accuses him of assault.

This blatant hypocrisy is compounded by SRC Mature Age Officer Omar Hassan advancing into Mr Mortimer’s face, threatening him and then accusing him of yet another “assault” at which point the English language loses all meaning and “assault” starts to mean the expression of political views contrary to those of the Education Action Group/Socialist Alternative.

Not only did this confrontation occur in full view of cameras, suggesting some sort of sick pride in assaulting citizens, the perpetrators were willing to do so whilst running office!

The most violent students were wearing shirts representing the “Left Action” brand for Student Representative Council. In addition, we can clearly see the current SRC Women’s officer and SRC Presidential hopeful Amy Knox at the start of the video. Her unwillingness to reign in her radical leftist allies does not bode well for the SRC should she win.

Another concern is the reaction of fellow USyd publication, Honi Soit. Upon gaining video footage of the crime, they declared that Mr Mortimer himself committed assault! This represents an astonishing trust in the Socialist Alternative and a bizarre lack of cognitive abilities. Many students called them out on this doublespeak in the comments section, prompting the Honi editors to remove the video from Facebook.

Mainstream students have condemned the actions of the Socialist Alternative and Left Action for SRC. SU Liberal Club President William Dawes said “It’s always shocking to witness the acts of intimidation perpetrated by leftist students. To see it in those campaigning to become representatives on the SRC is even more disheartening.” The Socialist Alternative themselves saw it in another light, with SRC Education Officer and SA member Eleanor Morley declaring “Chris Pyne’s henchman shoves one student roughly, and repeatedly punches his fist at me narrowly missing my face”. This statement both ignores the factual evidence shown in the video and credits Christopher Pyne with an illuminati-like influence over every person who disagrees with the SA.

This disregard for the autonomy of individuals highlights, among many things, the need to abolish the SSAF. Under the SSAF, not only are students from the Educational Action Group able to wantonly assault members of the public, they are paid a generous stipend of your money to do so! We need to work to expunge the socialist threat from our campus, not only for the sake of our sanity, but for the sake of our safety on campus.

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