Why #IllRideWithYou Didn’t Ride with Us

Why #IllRideWithYou Didn’t Ride with Us

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Why #IllRideWithYou Didn’t Ride with Us

Once again, Australia’s ruling social elites have reaffirmed their own belief that they hold the monopoly over morality in this country.

Many hours before there was anything close to a final outcome in the terrorist attack that took place inside the Martin Place Lindt Café on Monday evening, the tag: #IllRideWithYou became trending in Sydney, all around the country, and eventually abroad. It was praised by some sections of the media, who saw it as ‘the only positive outcome’ to occur on that fateful December day. It would seem, according to our intelligentsia that the escape of five innocent individuals was not a positive outcome. Or if they were so polite to wait until the police stormed the café at 2am on Tuesday morning, an even greater positive outcome would have been the fifteen lives saved due to the diligent work of NSW Police and the heroic actions of the two innocent hostages that were killed. The patience expressed by the hostages and the police is not something that these highly expedient elites are known for, shown once again on Monday.

Twitter users used the tag, #IllRideWithYou in an attempt to demonstrate to all of their followers and indeed the rest of the Internet how much they cared for followers of Islam born or living in Sydney. They claimed, this was a pre-emptive move of solidarity to subdue a potential community backlash against these people.

Unfortunately, their echo chamber still exists; where the final remnants of a Sydney Morning Herald readership reside, clutching desperately to their decaf piccolos as they bite on the latest click-bait article on their newsfeed. So absorbed in how much more they care about minorities than their sociology lecturer, they had forgotten about an apparently small factor: more than ten innocent Sydney-siders were still hostages to an erratic and armed terrorist inside the café at that particular point in time and for the quarter of a day which followed. Not to worry about the hostages they thought, now more concerned with how they could impress their fellow commuters by sitting next to someone who appeared to be of a different belief system to them.

Blinded by their own ignorance to the real victims of this terrible situation, they have implied that one, Australians have a problem with sitting next to someone who doesn’t appear to have similar religious views to themselves (seriously it’s almost 2015) and two, all people of non-distinctive religious backgrounds should have to bare the tag of victim by crimes not yet committed by individuals that may or may not be of the same religious ideology as themselves.

The height of contemporary elitism in Australia is to falsely assume that the overwhelming majority of Australians are inherently prejudiced against religions that are not their own. Similarly it is they who believe, as the self-appointed crusaders of minorities, that unlike ‘everyone else’ their words alone (often confined to their social media accounts) can make a more inclusive society. In fact, this approach has been divisive, as they have divided the community through varying levels of victimisation.

In having normal Islamic Australians feel as though that they are once more potential or future victims of violent extremism (see Cronulla Riots, 2005). Who then becomes the implied mutual enemy, who allegedly increases community tensions through their actions against Islamic extremism? The Coalition Federal Government.

While #IllRideWithYou seems on the surface to be a movement of goodwill, it is by-default a move to undermine the Federal Government’s electoral prospects, a democratic prerequisite for their ability to fight terrorism around the globe. The same outcome, the terrorists we fight, so desperately desire. These elites, who occupy such a small fraction of the geographic area of our continent, dominate domestic social (and failing print) media, and we all are the worse for it.

They won’t instinctively denounce the act/s of terrorism. They won’t think of the real victims and their families first. They will think of themselves first, using everyday Australians as a proxy to achieve their insular, self-gratifying goals.

To the many hundreds of thousands of followers of Islam in Australia, the majority of Australians know and trust that you are good, honest, hard-working and devout individuals, because you show this through your actions. This is not because you had to prove this to anyone, but because ‘the Australian way’ unites us together under a singular, yet diverse culture. An elitist minority in our society have let you down, as Australian citizens and residents, just as extremists of your religion have done likewise. We know that this is not you, but please know; that this is not us.

What is ‘us’? ‘Us’ is praying and thinking of the families of all involved in the tragic events of 15/12. ‘Us’ is thanking all of those who handled and managed the situation with professionalism and compassion. ‘Us’ is placing flowers or messages of support at the growing shrine of remembrance for the two innocent lives lost at Martin Place. ‘Us’ is allowing the relevant powers and bodies ensure that we as a nation respond in a way that best prevents a situation like this from ever occurring again.

‘Us’ is going about our lives as per normal, knowing that we are all different, but all one, in the great Australian family. We already knew this; and we didn’t need the self-absorbed on Twitter to have us believe otherwise; especially when we prove them wrong each and every day, together, with our actions.

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