One Direction is Right Wing

One Direction is Right Wing

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The UK musical act One Direction are well known as many things; as performers and musicians they are unparalleled, and their merchandising machine is well known to give an erection to any mid-sized novelty mug supplier. But while many people know them for musical brilliance, they are less well known for their political activity. While people assume they are apolitical, they in fact are a formidable presence in right wing politics. Of course, the big hits are well known. “Drag Me Down”, their latest hit, is a gorgeous ballad dedicated to the moochers who force 1D to pay 50% tax and then sit at home snorting ketamine and listening to Five Seconds of Summer. “Best Song Ever” is 1Ds take on the British National Anthem and its music video is a plea to the Scottish people to Keep Britain Great. Meanwhile, “Steal My Girl” is an ode to property ownership. This is all well known in the public eye. Indeed, some people had an inkling that Harry’s endorsement of the Labour party was reverse psychology, given he made approximately £500 billion while endorsing Ed Miliband.

1D aren’t just fantastic representatives for right of center thinking, they are helping to grow the tent beyond rich white blokes. One suspects that their March 2016 hiatus is at least partially politically motivated; having achieved their aim of a conservative majority at the 2015 general election, they felt that their mission had been accomplished and a break was in order. Indeed, it was probably a good idea to get some breathing room, given the well-known factional division of the pro-euro directioners and the Eurosceptic Harry-Louie shippers. Zayne leaving was bad enough, but another split in the politics of the band would permanently damage any reunion prospects. At the end of the day, One Direction are a powerful force in right of center politics, both in the UK and abroad. They’ve done more than anyone, short of Donald Trump, to cement conservatism as the natural ideological disposition of the young. And with a combined net worth of £150 million, they better f-cking vote Tory.

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