Protest Sausage Sizzle Yet Another Fizzer
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Protest Sausage Sizzle Yet Another Fizzer

Protest Sausage Sizzle Yet Another Fizzer

Today, Education Minister Christopher Pyne reminded the Canberra Press Gallery that it was Otto von Bismarck who said that, “creating laws was like making sausages” and that “it is best that the public doesn’t see [it].” In a scene of ironic coincidence; on same very afternoon, an unenthusiastic group of student protestors attempted to occupy the front lawns of the Quadrangle, offering a free sausage sandwich to passers-by in rejection of the federal government’s higher education reforms.

This small gathering of people chanted “snag for scholarships” which seems highly redundant as the University of Sydney currently offers “over 700 scholarship schemes each year” and “gives out over $65 million in scholarships, not taking into consideration prizes or college and sporting scholarships”. The University’s scholarship program is extensive, and considers people from different ethnic, financial and academic backgrounds.

The offer of “free sausage to support free education” may seem witty and humourous, however like the rest of their rallies, it failed to capture the attention of other students, let alone the mainstream media.

It was unclear from the amateur banner and boards as to which organisation or club hosted the barbecue, but it should be noted that USU Board Directors Bebe D’Souza and Liam Carrigan blessed the barbecue with their presence. On one a-frame, a red t-shirt with a hammer and sickle printed in yellow was pinned to its front. A student in the vicinity of the barbecue told Mon Droit that it is “so ironic that they use the flag of oppression as their rallying point”, however this not being a surprise, “as [the protestors’] current vision oppresses success and innovation”.


It would come to no surprise for mainstream students if they were in-fact indirectly paying for this barbecue, rendering it not “free” (as advertised) at all. Someone has to pay, and if “free education” (as advertised) was instituted it would be the average taxpayer who would bear the entire cost.

In yet another stunt, a group of six students including the Student Representative Council President, Kyol Blakeney chained themselves to the front door of Vice-Chancellor, Dr Michael Spence’s office in the Quadrangle. Dr Spence supports the federal government’s proposal of university fee deregulation, along with all other Vice-Chancellors in the ‘Group of Eight’ as well as the peak body, Universities Australia.

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