USYD Senate Fellow Victimised by Greens MLC
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USYD Senate Fellow Victimised by Greens MLC

USYD Senate Fellow Victimised by Greens MLC

In a startling sequel to last Monday’s Socialist Alternative/ Left Action for SRC attack on Senate Fellow David Mortimer, SAlt ally and Greens MLC John Kaye moved a motion last Thursday calling on Education Minister Adrian Piccoli to “Review his appointment of Mr Mortimer to the senate of the University of Sydney” due to the horrific crime of… being assaulted by the Socialist Alternative.

Dr Kaye utilises video footage from our campus rival Honi Soit to accuse Mr Mortimer of assaulting Socialist Alternative member Eleanor Morley. This is unusual in itself as Honi, perhaps in a rare moment of self-reflection took down the video after attempting to grossly mischaracterise the footage as evidence of Mr Mortimer assaulting Ms Morley.

Dr Kaye goes on to make odd statements such as “Mr Mortimer is a man of substantial physical presence” and “Mr Mortimer was a director of Ascham Schools Ltd from 1989 to 1997.” Beyond the obvious question as to why Mr Mortimer’s paunch needs to be publicly questioned, Dr Kaye ignores the contextual fact that other, more “physically present” people were on the scene And acting in an antagonistic fashion towards Mr Mortimer, including Omar Hassan, who shoved Mr Mortimer into a wall. Mon Droit wonders when Dr Kaye will issue a condemnation of Mr Hassan?

This gesture by Dr Kaye confirms the transformation of the greens from the watermelon party to the tomato party. They’re red on the outside, red on the inside and without any structural integrity.

Especially galling is part (2) of this motion, saying “… This house condemns all acts of violence and threatened violence against women.” Violence against anyone, particularly against women, is a serious and pevalent issue and the Greens (with their friends in the SA) should not be trivialising it. It should be noted that Dr Kaye moved no motions condemning the acts of intimidation perpetrated by student campaigners of a similar ideological bent towards Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, when she visited the University of Sydney. This suggests that the Greens are fair-weather friends of the feminist movement, only prepared to stand up for women when it suits their political situation.

It was noted in Mon Droit’s initial report of this incident that Ms Amy Knox, SRC Presidential Hopeful (backed by Stand Up for SRC 2014 – Amy for President and Left Action for SRC 2014) stood by as this assault took place. It will be interesting to see if Ms Knox takes the opportunity to distance herself from the violent actions of her campaigners at this week’s SRC Presidential Candidate Showdown. Mon Droit will be sure to put some pointed questions to both candidates, alongside our diminishing rivals Honi Soit and Bull Magazine.


The motion as moved and executed by Dr John Kaye.

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